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Garage Door Spring Replacement

More often than their front door, many people utilize their garage door. Your garage door opens and closes numerous times per day as the primary entrance and exit from your house. Even so, it makes sense that you might overlook its significance in your day-to-day activities.

What would happen, though, if you were unable to open your garage door one morning? You can’t back your car out, which causes you to be late for work. What should you do in this situation? Can I replace the spring on my garage door? is a question you could have.

Garage Door Torsion Spring
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Utilize our years of garage door service and repair expertise by hiring us. Any issue you have with damaged garage door springs can be handled by our technicians, thanks to their expert training. We are prepared to assist you no matter what the problem with your torsion springs is.

Additionally, we promise that our torsion springs are the highest quality and most durable available. As a result, if you buy our garage door springs or use our services, we’ll give you a warranty. All labor costs associated with repairing or modifying door springs are covered by our warranty**some situations may not apply**. Every day of the week, 24 hours a day, our technicians are ready to take your call and offer you emergency garage door service. We take great delight in offering you assistance as and when you require it. When you call for 24-hour emergency garage door repair service, you will always be a priority, regardless of the time of day. You get Garage Door Repair Edmonton service with that!

Garage Door Springs- What Are They?

The mechanics of most garage doors are mysterious to homeowners. Even riskier is the fact that they attempt to repair damaged garage door springs on their own. Approximately 2,000 individuals are crushed by garage doors each year, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

You should leave your garage door repair to professionals if you don’t want to join the statistic. However, knowing the fundamental mechanics of the system won’t hurt even if you’re not fixing your garage door.

Torsion and extension garage door springs have a similar appearance to other spring kinds. They basically lift the entire garage door with long metal coils. The two operate differently from one another, though. While extension springs stretch and contract, torsion springs twist.

The torsion springs are often seen wrapped around a bar above the door. In the meantime, safety cables are used to secure the extension springs, which are located on both sides of the top track.

Extension springs were the norm for the majority of garage doors for a while. Torsion springs are becoming more frequently found in contemporary garage doors, though. Professionals typically advise switching out extension springs with torsion springs when performing work on an older garage door.

Garage Door Springs: Their Value

Garage door openers are essentially useless without springs. The springs are in charge of lifting the heavy garage doors that weigh several hundred pounds.

Torsion and extension springs work together to provide a steady counterbalance that supports the weight of the door as it expands and springs. The door opens and closes according to this mechanism. The opener wouldn’t be able to lift the door if the springs weren’t there.
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What Causes Broken Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs eventually break for a number of reasons. Here are a few examples:


The springs may rust for an unknown reason. Their lifespan will be drastically decreased when this occurs. Rust can increase the amount of friction on the parts as the coils oscillate. Additionally, corrosion on the spring might weaken the coils, causing them to eventually snap earlier than they should.

Daily Degradation

Due to continuous wear and tear, garage door springs eventually fail. Most springs typically have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles. The garage door raising and lowering twice to close represents one cycle.

10,000 cycles may sound excessive, but keep in mind that you probably use your garage door twice daily. The daily cycles might mount up quickly if you're not the only one entering and exiting the garage. Torsion springs with an extended lifespan have been designed and are rated to survive for at least 20,000 cycles. However, if your garage door doesn't have one, then you should expect your springs to break more quickly.

Inadequate Maintenance

Garage door spring failure is to be expected. Nevertheless, with the right upkeep, you can prolong their lifespan. If the springs are on the verge of breaking, your dependable technician will let you know. You can prevent unanticipated and harmful mishaps as a result.

Garage door spring failure is to be expected. Nevertheless, with the right upkeep, you can prolong their lifespan. If the springs are on the verge of breaking, your dependable technician will let you know. You can prevent unanticipated and harmful mishaps as a result.

What is the lifespan of garage door springs?

Many individuals believe garage doors endure indefinitely. But as we’ve already said, as the springs age, they finally stop working. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend their life cycle.

Wear and tear on Extension Springs

Extension springs expand and compress as opposed to twisting. They have a lifespan of between 7 and 12 years and can survive between 15,000 and 20,000 cycles.

How Do Broken Garage Door Springs Affect You?

The most substantial moving component in your house is likely the garage door. Because of its size, it could seem tough, but it’s definitely not unbreakable. The majority of the time, the door’s damaged springs won’t operate, so you won’t know until then. What can you expect as a result of broken garage door springs?

Gap In The Springs

Checking for a gap is the simplest way to spot a broken spring. In addition to being securely wound, springs are supposed to be connected end to end.

Garage Door Makes A Loud Noise

Your garage can be making a loud noise. You should check your garage door and take a closer look even if you don't notice anything lying on the ground. The noise you heard could have been a spring suddenly unwinding. When springs break, there is typically a loud smashing sound. Even when the door hasn't dropped, that noise is made.

Door Is Bent

You might notice the top panel bending as you attempt to open the door. This is a telltale sign that your door's spring is already damaged. The door opener's strength is insufficient to lift the weight of the panels with broken springs.

Garage Door Falls Suddenly

A garage door that has a working spring and opener moves up and down smoothly. The door will drop abruptly or come tumbling down if the spring snaps. This occurs as a result of the absence of a counterweight to counteract gravity's pull on the panels.

Crooked Or Off-Track Garage Door

Even if the door's spring is broken, it will probably still open. You will note that it has turned crooked as it travels up or down the track, though. After all, the door's weight is no longer evenly distributed.

Cables Are Slack Or Loose

A spring vacation will start a chain reaction of issues. Broken springs can cause wires to become loosened. As a result, you might see cables dangling from the ceiling that is loose.

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